Cheapest WordPress Hosting

Wordpress Hosting is a hosting Service that is designed to optimize your WordPress site performance and security needs.World-class services with 99.99% uptime, agile, and secure, rich in feature WordPress hosting..


₹699 / Mo

  • 1 Website
  • 10 GB Web Space
  • ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Free WP Installation
  • Free WP Migrator
  • WordPress Autoupdates
  • Free SSL
  • Daily Backup
  • Free Email
  • WP-CLI and SSH
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • 7-Days Money-Back

₹1199 / Mo

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Free WP Installation
  • Free WP Migrator
  • WordPress Autoupdates
  • Free SSL
  • Daily Backup
  • Free Email
  • WP-CLI and SSH
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • 7-Days Money-Back

₹1699 / Mo

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 40 GB Web Space
  • ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Free WP Installation
  • Free WP Migrator
  • WordPress Autoupdates
  • Free SSL
  • Daily Backup
  • Free Email
  • WP-CLI and SSH
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • 7-Days Money-Back

Note : We strictly prohibit the illegal content on our server. If we detect any misuse of our servers and irrelevant content on your website related to any government, adult content, WordPress null themes, etc. apart from our terms and conditions, we instantly suspend your account without any information. Consent By using the services from our website, you hereby consent to our disclaimer and agree to its terms. Domain Transfer service is not available.

Cost-effective Charges are applied to data migration services with all our hosting packages. You can migrate your data at a low cost, just Rs20 per account, as the total data migration services are applicable for unlimited accounts.

Why Wisesolution for Wordpress Hosting?

At Wisesolution, we understand the business demands of secure, stable, and optimized requirements to build a modern WordPress site from scratch.

If you aspire to secure your business with top-notch Wordpress Hosting Service, you are in a good feast.

Our WordPress Hosting has seamlessly empowered the developers to experience cutting-edge accessibility with blazing-fast knowledge. Our Web Hosting Wordpress bestows a developer-friendly environment.

We empower the complete control or server administration in your hands by proffering complete root access, SSH access, a multi supportive environment, and different PHP versions. If you need assistance, then you forthwith contact us. Our Experts and professional technical team are feeling fantastic and willing to solve your queries at a glance.

In the modern world of enhanced technology, where evolutions are made to break the records, No one should take security as a common factor or take it lightly.

In terms of Our Wordpress Hosting Security, we use the standard anti firewalls that monitor websites and perceptually protect your data from malware and other Vulnerabilities.

We are committed to providing the standard and proactive security measures with our WordPress Hosting plans that give you strong trust in your site security. With the upgraded protection guard, we assure you, no unauthorized intrusion can harm your website anymore.

If your WordPress site takes more time to load the web page than you need to optimize your website. We know the value of every millisecond for a site owner.

Our Wordpress Hosting Services help you to go beyond the competitor's expectations. We use the world's top-most and fastest webserver to speed up your website. Also, you get outstanding features like LS Cache Plugin with our WordPress hosting plans, which results in peak website performance.

Moreover, to render blazing fast, our WordPress hosting plans reside state of the art SSDs in our data centers. You can easily exceed the maximum limits of high speed with our hosting and get the best performance from our data centers globally and across more than 25+ countries. Just enjoy the latest PHP and HTTP versions with a world-class competitive advantage here.

We are committed to providing the world-class CMS to establish an excellent WordPress codebase for your WordPress site hosting.

Our features rich Wordpress Hosting Services empowers you to configure your website smoothly.

We endeavor to proffer an upgraded platform for ease of experience and excellent support and optimized site performance. We are guaranteed the 99.99%uptime with our best WordPress hosting. Our best network infrastructure helps to raise your business and assure you offer down to earth support.

Wisesolution - The Perfect Platform for your Wordpress Hosting

Are you facing any technical issues, whether small or big or any other related to site design? Our Wordpress Experts can fix them with ease and make it worthwhile for you effortlessly.

Devoted Technical Team

We have years of experience staff of experts and professionals are willing to assist you round the clock. Our skilled specialists can provide better guidance to you. They have always been keen on fixing the technical errors, optimizing your WordPress site. Also, adding new features, and many more just on your one click.

24*7 Customer Support

Our support experts are very energetic, having friendly nature. They solve your queries of the fastest WordPress Hosting and technical issues within a short span. They work endlessly on your problems and get them to resolve quickly. We don't believe in wasting your precious time in support tickets and waiting hours. We respond on the spot for your inquiries and ensure to fix them instantly.


Our WordPress Hosting Features

Robust Security

Host your website with the best WordPress hosting provider conveniently and more efficiently.


With Wisesolution outstanding structure, SSL certificate, and Cloudflare CDN services, your site is endlessly defended.


Our Cheap WordPress hosting plugins help you optimize your site with enhanced performance.


With the best customizable theme and amazing designs, pick the best that suits your WordPress site hosting.

Web Hosting Industry that bolsters the Wordpress

Advanced features that bolster your WordPress Site


Wordpress Accelerator

Our best WordPress hosting in India comes with the world-class LSCWP cache plugin that ensures you about furnishing the state of the art WordPress website. You will love the blazing fast speed with Wisesolution servers.


SSD Storage

Our data center is built to accomplish your WordPress requirements as we don't compromise with the quality in terms of speed and site performance. Therefore, Our web hosting WordPress comes with the massive SSDs storage for files and data storage. This increases the speed and web page loading time.


On-Click Wordpress Installation

Difficult to think, easy to implement. Wordpress installation is easy now with our Best WordPress Hosting. We ensure to provide an excellent and world-class peak performance for your WordPress site with easy WordPress installation.


Round-the-Clock Wordpress Support

Wordpress Hosting India is best that comes with 24*7 support. Our technical team is always just sitting here to listen to your queries and get them to resolve as soon as possible. They are enthusiastic about assisting you at any time and fixing the technical bugs quickly.


Wise solution Enterprise Servers

Wise solution - The best WordPress Hosting providers that deliver advanced and standard features with a broad range of open-sources services. We aim to proffer top-notch flexible and scalable resources for your site peak performance


Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is the advanced and enhanced WordPress plugin that is equipped with our Wordpress hosting plans. It results in easy designing site structure and quick optimization. Also, it helps to explore your site among the targeted audience.

Hosting a Wordpress Website Somewhere else?

If you want to switch your hosting to our WordPress Hosting India, you don't need to worry about it. Our WordPress specialist does it for you at free of cost by using the migration tool with ease.

Transfer your site

Automated Daily Backups

All your data is automated with our WordPress hosting server. Hence, it automates your whole data system and makes everything easier for you. Therefore, your site data is entirely safe and secure with our cheap WordPress hosting. Enjoy the services at an affordable cost with Wisesolution WordPress hosting.

Automated Updates

We can't compromise with the quality of services that we furnish with all our entry-level WordPress hosting services. What is more exciting rather than getting automated regular updates of services? Nothing. It sounds good. If you forget to update, your system will remind you and automatically update the services.


Wordpress Hosting FAQs

  • What is Wordpress?

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System system that empowers you to make configurations on your online business. It means you are authorized to do updates, modifications, deletion, or addition of any content on your Wordpress website. Wordpress is easy to use and well built to customize, consisting of millions of new and creative themes with advanced plugins.

Wordpress is considered as one of the best and finest blogging websites for any large scale industry, whether it is E-commerce or IT solutions. You will get the best hosting for WordPress sites at a cheap cost, none other than Wisesolution. Best WordPress Hosting is the one-stop solution that frames your dreams into reality.

  • What is Wordpress Used for?

WordPress is the heart of many online websites that is enough to shape or frame your websites. It is versatile, multi-purpose, and efficient for sites that contain millions of web pages like an E-commerce platform. It is best for the small to large scale website that manages everything with ease from plugins installation to its deletion.

WordPress is the only solution for:

  • Framing a digital portfolio
  • Creating a Business Index
  • E-Commerce Platform
  • Creating Blog Websites
Reasons Why WordPress is the best choice:
  • It is Open-Source
  • It provides an ocean of Free Plugins
  • It supports millions of themes
  • Easy to Use and manage
  • Multiple online helpful tutorials

So, What are you waiting for? Still, Dream up your website on WordPress or ready to host your site on WordPress. No need to hassle things, and don't forget to be in touch with us. You don’t need to do anything. Just sit back and relax with our best web hosting for WordPress.

  • What is Wordpress Hosting?

Wordpress Hosting is merely hosting the websites on a rented space similar to adjust the things in a rented apartment. You can store unlimited files and folders for a better presentation of the website on the server. A WordPress Hosting is efficiently optimized and efficient to use that results in optimal site performance.

Wordpress hosting price on Wisesolution is meager and affordable, and your WordPress Hosting requires only one click with it. What do you realize after a while? Your WordPress website is ready to use within a short span. So you can easily add or modify the content with ease. Also, WordPress comes with many pre-installed plugins and security measures to ensure you about data security.

  • What is Managed Wordpress Hosting?

Its name clears a Managed Website Hosting that everything should be well-organized in a specific manner. Therefore, It is responsible for server optimization, technical adjustments, and updates related management related to any plugins or application updates.

With the best WordPress hosting providers, you will get what you are looking to build a secure platform. WordPress is best to create, generate, and handle high traffic with its top effectiveness resources for website hosting.

A Managed WordPress Hosting build to host your website and manage everything on it with ease. You can precisely add, modify, and adjust any content to run a WordPress site. With an easy installation process, your website is ready to go live with the best security measures.

Don't need to stress out if you don't have time to manage your WordPress hosting. A Managed Wordpress Hosting Solution is the best and ideal for your business hosting.

  • What is the difference between a Web Hosting and a Wordpress Hosting

There are many differences between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting. Here we mention the primary differences:

Website Hosting: You can easily host the unlimited blogging websites on WordPress while it is more challenging to manage the same in Web Hosting. Wordpress manages sites with high performance and agile speed.

Simultaneously, it is quite a tough task and requires lots of adjusted tools, plugins, and memory to run big websites with high efficiency on Web hosting.

Speed and Performance: Wisesolution proffers the cheap hosting for WordPress with ultra high speed and peak performance. It comes with standard pre-installed plugins and pre-configured security measures. So you don't need to install firewalls against malware.

Still, in web hosting, you require lots of antiviruses to secure data and boost your site speed and performance. Also, worry about content management.

Dedicated Support: WordPress has the trust of millions of users because of its round-the-clock support. Our highly skilled WordPress professionals provide an instant solution that seamlessly removes your complications and offers the flexibility to use resources. But with web hosting, you have to put in a lot of effort to get the assistance. Please have a wonderful experience with our cheapest WordPress hosting.

  • How to Make a Wordpress Website?

Building a WordPress website is now a no more difficult task; anyone can do it with ease. Here are the steps given below to set up your WordPress website hosting with ease securely.

  1. Choose the best, unique, and easy domain name with the Wisesolution Domain checker.
  2. Select the Managed WordPress Hosting Plan from Wisesolution, and proceed further for free domain registration.
  3. Install WordPress for your site just on single click. 
  4. If you have any doubt, then you can check the WordPress tutorials on Wisesolution WordPressTutorial sections.
  5. Now choose a WordPress theme for your site and install it on your account.
  6. Select the necessary plugins that are not pre-installed and install them on your account.
  7. Use CRM to manage, create, and publish your blogs on your site.
  8. Your site is ready to use and be live.


  • The first year offer is available to new signups only. The promotional price is valid for the first 12 months on yearly payments, after which the hosting service will renew at the regular rate, clearly indicated in the package specs.

  • Unlimited disk space is offered with our Ultimate package. This disk space is solely intended for your website and not for other storage purposes. This space must be used according to our Unlimited Policy.

  • We do not allow CPU more than 5% and php.ini memory limit set according to server resources. This condition applies to all shared and resellers with Unlimited or limited hosting plans.

  • Looking for something more specific? No problem, we've got you covered. Call: +91-6378789956