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Windows VPS Hosting

Let your website gain worldwide recognition in the shortest time possible with our VPS Windows Hosting.

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Buy VPS Hosting Windows with rock-solid Security, Root Access, and greater Customizability with optimal performance.




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2 Core CPU


50 GB SSD Storage

250 GB Bandwidth

1 Gbps Shared Port

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3 Core CPU


80 GB SSD Storage

250 GB Bandwidth

1 Gbps Shared Port

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Premium Plan

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4 Core CPU


120 GB SSD Storage

250 GB Bandwidth

1 Gbps Shared Port

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Enterprise Plan

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6 Core CPU


150 GB SSD Storage

250 GB Bandwidth

1 Gbps Shared Port

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Multiple Choice of Operating System

Wisesolution renders an ample range of operating systems best known for seamless performance. Pick your choice of an operating system, and let us install it for you.


Windows 2012


Windows 2016


Windows 2019

Our VPS Hosting Windows Features

99.90% uptime Commitment

Our VPS hosting is built with a combination of powerful hardware specifications and the latest core processors that boost your website and ensure the highest uptime. With an SLA Level of 99.90% uptime commitment, we assure you that your site never replaces the top position on Google. Basically, 99.90% means 52 minutes and 36 seconds of downtime/year.

SSD VPS Solutions

Solid State Drives are the most potent and solid-state storage devices that employ unified circuit devices to store a large amount of high-quality data using flash memory technology. Flash memory allows the SSD to run as secondary storage in the computer storage system. Also, Solid State Drives are a more compelling storage device than Hard Disk Drives, boost your website performance, and enable you to experience high speed. We offer up to 250 GB SSD with our Windows VPS Hosting plans.


Customers can easily manage and operate their VPS accounts from a ready-to-use option, thanks to our spontaneous Windows VPS Hosting that provides you with user-friendly control panels. With WHM & Cpanel, you can instantly start your web hosting business, operate various servers, and manage multiple websites. Also, our user-friendly cPanel interfaces enable you to customize your web hosting resources that fit your business needs and for a better user experience.


Our world-class security
IP Blocking
Anti Spam & Virus Protection
Secure FTP Access
phpMyAdmin Access
Password Protect Directories
Hotlink & Leech Protection
Cron Jobs for Scheduled Tasks
Customizable Error Page
Website Statistics with AWstats

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

VPS, a Virtual Private Server, is a web hosting that is used to host websites such as E-commerce sites, Blogging websites, Educational websites, etc. It works on Virtualization technology. In VPS, a large server is divided into multiple virtual servers. On each server, you can host an unlimited number of websites. With each website, you will get private and dedicated resources that you won't need to share with other websites. A broad range of reliable services is associated with each website, including its dedicated Random Access Memory, unique IP Address, Root Access, Advanced Security, and much more. When this virtual private server runs on a Windows operating system, it is called Windows VPS hosting.

Microsoft Windows is compatible with more than 400+ applications. With our Windows Hosting VPS, no upfront cost or hurdles of licensing. We ensure 24*7 real-time monitoring for your license payment and activations. Furthermore, Windows VPS gives you more advanced services and user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces than a Linux VPS.


Wisesolution - Best Windows VPS Hosting Provider

Founded in 2010, Wisesolution is a leading and renowned standalone web hosting provider in the web hosting market. We have grown tremendously over the years because of delivering world-class services. We cater our various server hosting services to potential customers and have crossed 10,000+ numbers of happy clients and customers worldwide. With all our hosting plans, you will endure the next level of experience. We are well-known in the industry for accomplishing your goal-specific business requirements by providing you Best Windows VPS Hosting that comprises an array of services to fulfill your resource-intensive website requirements. With the high availability of resources, seamless performance, high server speed, great uptime, and unlimited bandwidth of Windows VPS Hosting cheap, you can beat your competitors and grow your business in the fast-paced world.


What Makes Wisesolution VPS Hosting Different?

Get the VPS's Root Level access with a 100% dedicated space and unmatched security with expertise solutions to accelerate your business growth.

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High Privacy

Privacy challenges are most common in this technology-driven world, but having robust web hosting is still the best alternative to ensure high data privacy. We at Wisesolution understand your data privacy requirements, thus providing a Service Level Agreement(SLA) to ensure high privacy with our Cheap VPS Windows Hosting. You can invest without any thought and rely on our hosting services that offer 7 Days of money return services.

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Advanced Security

Unlike a Shared Server, Our Windows VPS Server Hosting comprises high technology-based security measures that include Cyber Security, DDoS, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Security, Antiviruses, Malware Scans & Removals, Firewalls, Inbuilt Security Software, Data Encryption, Digital Signature, and much more. These high-security measures ensure the high security of your website data and protect you from outside attacks, suspicious activities, malware, viruses, and hacks.

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Optimized Performance

We ensure the constant availability of dedicated resources with the best company standard services to sustain your website configurations. These configurations help to boost your server speed. High speed lets you experience seamless performance. We promise to serve the premium hardware quality tools to a streamlined methodology to improve your website performance. Therefore, with our VPS Windows Hosting, you can experience optimized performance.

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DDoS Protection

Secure network penetration with our best Windows VPS hosting plans that ensure DDoS(Denial of Service attacks) protection. Our VPS's DDoS protection uses algorithms and advanced software to analyze the incoming traffic from the web over your site. Any unauthentic traffic is denied access, whereas the legitimate traffic continues to undergo filtration through the website.

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Instant Deployment

Generally, instant deployment takes approximately 60 minutes. But as soon as your order is successfully placed and confirmed from our side, our technical expertise will give you a complete Windows VPS Server Setup within a very short period. So, you don't have to wait a couple of days to get ready to use VPS Setup with Wisesolution's VPS.

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7 days Money-back guarantee

Don't hesitate to invest in our Windows VPS Hosting services. We guarantee you'll love our services and real-time customer support. But if you ever changed your mind about hosting your site on another plan, then you won't have to worry about your money. Your money is completely secure with us that must be refunded within seven working days as a credit in your Wisesolution account.

Our All Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Plans Includes

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Windows Remote Desktop

Our VPS Hosting is an ideal choice for businesses to access files easily and quickly. It helps to work in the backend uninterruptedly for multiple tasks. With our VPS Windows Hosting, access your desktop remotely 24*7 from anywhere or any corner of the world. The system continuously works and keeps functioning like automated software round the clock even if the Desktop Session ends.

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Experience a Better Stability and Speed

Our Best Windows VPS Hosting plans come with down-to-earth and world-class services, including robust hardware specifications and reliable network connectivity via optic fiber cables to give you a seamless high-speed experience. Moreover, Our VPS Windows hosting helps to engage visitors and maximize revenue. This will stabilize your business in the web hosting industry.

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Enhanced Security

Our VPS Windows Hosting gives you the standard and advanced security infrastructure. Server security and DDoS protection are the two significantly higher security levels that we provide with all our entry-level VPS hosting packages. Apart from it, we also offer you End to End data encryption, Antiviruses, and Firewalls security measures. We make sure that your data is safe with our cheap Windows VPS hosting. We believe in never disappointing our valuable clients with our security services.

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Upto 20X Faster Server Speed to Boost SEO Efforts

Our VPS hosting gives you 20X faster server speed, 99.90% uptime, advanced security, and guru crew support that boost your SEO efforts. Therefore, your SEO efforts can efficiently work in Google ranking, thanks to our Windows Hosting VPS. With a high-performing, speedy platform and industry-leading services, you can boost your SEO ranking with minimal or low bounce rates to experience the increased client conversion rates!

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Get More Power With Control Panel for OS

Plesk is the most powerful control panel. Using Plesk with a Windows operating system, you can perform multiple tasks on a single server. From the control panel administration, you can update, modify and delete applications from the server. It gives you robust security levels and better functioning. However, an accessible Plesk with Windows VPS Hosting allows you to manage your website’s internal functionality. Therefore, you can enjoy automated AI-powered regression testing, massive backup, and restore world-class services with Windows VPS Server.

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Administrator Access

Getting complete administration access in your hands means having complete freedom to adjust the resources according to your business requirements. You are free to do anything or make any configurations for the betterment, which means do easy upgrades, scale up your existing resources, install any applications, terminate any account, and much more. Moreover, You can improve your server features and performance with VPS hosting Windows.

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Get Ranking Boost in Search Engine(s)

A fast-loading website gets the most immediate ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Our Windows VPS Hosting gives you the highest uptime, instant web page loading speed, robust hardware specifications, reliable network connections, unlimited bandwidth, optimized performance, and a speedy server to boost your SEO efforts. This will let your website run on different countries' search engines rapidly.

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Regular Backups

Our VPS Server secures your website data and personal information, including employee data and clients' information, from unauthorized access or attacks. But while data is transferring, you may be stuck with the chance to lose your data. Therefore, to save your business from any kind of loss, regular backup is an excellent option. You don't have to worry about your data backups. Our Windows VPS Server hosting comes with weekly data backup features. So, we securely store your large file at a time, and you can access the whole system within a short span.

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Easy Customization

Experience better customization and real-time services with our Windows VPS Server Hosting. We give you the flexibility to customize your resources and services according to your business requirements. This means you can easily customize CPU cores, random access memory, HDD or SSD storage, bandwidth, and other hardware/software specifications. Additionally, you can upgrade your resources at any time with ease.

Windows VPS Hosting FAQs

Why choose Wisesolution VPS Hosting?

Wisesolution's VPS hosting comprises the best in company standard resources and services. You will get a complete package in which you can have the dedicated RAM, huge storage, bandwidth, your choice of the operating system, control panel, and much more. Along with these, you get on-demand backups, Flexible billing, and a high level of data security at an affordable price. That's why you should choose the VPS Hosting by Wisesolution.

What benefits does Wisesolution offer while using its Windows VPS Hosting?

Wisesolution’s VPS has plenty of benefits that profit your online business. It includes
-Private & Dedicated Resources
-Increased Reliability
-High efficiency
-Seamless performance
-20X faster server speed
-Easy upgradations
-High availability of resources
-Completely managed services
-Easily affordable
-Reliable network efficiency and much more

Can I install different Operating Systems on my VPS Server myself?

Yes! You can install the different Operating Systems on your VPS server yourself. You can either install the different versions of Windows or Linux OS.

What is the difference between Linux and Windows VPS Hosting?

Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting are both types of VPS Hosting that differ in terms of their technology, services, accessibility, and reliability.
Linux VPS Hosting uses Linux technology to run VPS Server. Being an open sources platform, Linux lets you modify its existing code and build a new app. Also, you can detect the vulnerabilities and threats that help you secure your site from any kind of suspicious attacks.
In contrast, Windows VPS Hosting uses Windows technology that enables you to run web-based applications on your server. Windows is the most preferred and user-friendly operating system that Microsoft owns. You can install only web-based applications on your server. It is relatively more expensive than Linux VPS Hosting.

Which control panels do you offer with VPS Server?

We offer two types of Control panels with our VPS Server, namely Plesk and cPanel Control panels. But, first, you may want to know a little about the operating system. The most used and common Operating systems are Windows and Linux. You can opt for any of the platforms according to your business necessity and budget constraints. With Windows VPS Hosting, we provide the Plesk control panel, whereas, with Linux VPS Hosting, we give you both Plesk and Cpanel control panels because it is compatible with both operating systems.

Can I easily upgrade VPS to a higher plan?

Yes! You can easily upgrade your VPS plans to a higher plan. For that, you need not do much. Contact our support team and let them know on which plan or hosting you want to upgrade your existing hosting. They will do a VPS upgrade for you within the shortest possible time.

Can I buy VPS Windows hosting without a domain name?

A Domain Name is necessary for your hosting. All our VPS hosting packages come with a dedicated IP address that will immediately connect you with VPS. Once your hosting is live, then you can make a server setup. But initially, if you purchased the domain name from another web host, you can only buy VPS hosting alone. Else, you can buy the domain name by paying additional charges with your web hosting from us.

What to do when my Windows VPS server crashes?

If you are using Windows VPS Hosting, the follow these steps to recover your VPS Server:
Go to Start Menu
Run and type in services msc.
In the Services tab, find out the necessary services that you want to configure.
Right-click and select “Properties” on the service name
Select the “Recovery tab” once your windows have opened.
Next, you will see a drop-down menu. In that menu, you will see three options, namely “First Failure,” “Second Failure,” and “Third Failure.” In all three options, select “Restart the Service.”
Click “Apply” and then “OK”.

How can I get assured that Wisesolution hosting is secure?

Wisesolution gives you a high level of data security that shields your website and server data from unauthorized access and hacks. These security measures include SSL certificate, Strict Password Policies, Up to date Softwares, Secure Web Hosting, and Accessibility permissions. All these high authentic security measures let your website achieve increased security and integrity. So, it's more challenging for hackers to break this security and steal your valuable data.

How much time will it take to set up a Wisesolution VPS hosting account?

Wisesolution tries its best to give you VPS Setup as soon as possible. But generally, the process takes at least 60 Minutes to deliver you the ready-to-use VPS Setup. So, once your server has placed successfully and proceeded with the payment method. You will get your complete VPS Setup within an hour.

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