Cheap Windows Shared Hosting

Wise Solution windows shared hosting is secure, fast and reliable. We know your website needs to be fast-loading and always accessible, and we work very hard to provide a place where your site can effloresce.

Copper Plan

₹399 / Yr

  • Disk Space: 500 MB
  • Bandwidth: 5 GB
  • Website: 1
  • Sub Domains: 1
  • Softaculous: Yes
  • Malware Cleaner: Yes
  • E-Mail IDs: 50
  • MsSQL Database: Yes

Silver Plan

₹599 / Yr

  • Disk Space: 1 GB
  • Bandwidth: 10 GB
  • Website: 1
  • Sub Domains: 5
  • Softaculous: Yes
  • Malware Cleaner: Yes
  • E-Mail IDs: 100
  • MsSQL Database: Yes

Golden Plan

₹899 / Yr

  • Disk Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Website: 1
  • Sub Domains: Unlimited
  • Softaculous: Yes
  • Malware Cleaner: Yes
  • E-Mail IDs: Unlimited
  • MsSQL Database: Yes

Diamond Plan

₹1999 / Yr

  • Disk Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Website: Unlimited
  • Sub Domains: Unlimited
  • Softaculous: Yes
  • Malware Cleaner: Yes
  • E-Mail IDs: Unlimited
  • MsSQL Database: Yes
  • Free Domain: .com* or .in*

Note : *.com or *.in is free with Diamond plan which is free for one year after that renewal charges applicable and only available domain name will be registered except premium. If you issue the refund for plan you cannot get full refund and you have to pay for domain and domain will be with us for one year after that you can transfer.

We strictly prohibit the illegal content on our server. If we detect any misuse of our servers and irrelevant content on your website related to any government, adult content, WordPress null themes, etc. apart from our terms and conditions, we instantly suspend your account without any information. Consent By using the services from our website, you hereby consent to our disclaimer and agree to its terms.

Cost-effective Charges are applied to data migration services with all our hosting packages. You can migrate your data at a low cost, just Rs20 per account, as the total data migration services are applicable for unlimited accounts.

Our Shared Hosting Features

The latest Dell server technology

Processor: 2 x 2.4GHz Hexa-Core E5-2620 v3 Haswell Xeon

Memory: 128GB DDR4

SSD: 2x3000GB

RAID: RAID 5 protection

Bandwidth: 1Gbps Unmetered

Latest Programming Language Supported

PHP Latest,

Perl, Python, RoR, GD, cURL, CGI, mcrypt

Apache 2.2.26


htaccess support

SMTP Support

Free Module Installation

We keep adding the latest one to serve your growing updated needs.

Our world class security

Anti Spam & Virus Protection

Password Protect Directories

Secure FTP Access

IP Blocking

phpMyAdmin Access

Hotlink & Leech Protection

Cron Jobs for Scheduled Tasks

Customizable Error Page

Website Statistics with AWstats

Powerful Control Panel

Each hosting plan comes with the industry-leading cPanel control panel. cPanel is the control center for your account, allowing you to create and manage your email, FTP, MySQL databases, apps and more.

Softaculous Script Installer

Deploy WordPress or the app of your choice in just seconds with our Softaculous application installer. Softaculous also makes updating and maintaining open source applications a breeze

What is Windows Shared Hosting?

In Windows Shared Hosting, a single physical server, alongside its assets and space, is shared between various sites. Wisesolution is the best fit for your website that empowers a high level of technical support to build up and explores your business.

You'll experience mutual hosting plans with outstanding solutions with our Windows Shared hosting. One of the most regularly utilized assortments of Windows Shared Hosting Plans is it works similarly as the name recommends.
Some first-time site proprietors settle on shared hosting, to a great extent, because of its ease. Shared hosting is likewise an exceptionally open source platform– there are a lot of accessible plans available. Furthermore, with this hosting, you can handle all the specialized add-on features of running the website on the server. This sequesters it from different types of hosting and makes it a learner well-disposed choice.


Why Choose Wisesolution - Best Windows Hosting in India?

Wisesolution believes in providing the elite windows web hosting services to their end-users and clients that must be cost-effective, reliable, secure, and safe. What do customers want? Stable, long-term free and unlimited services with multiple high-level security features and 24 * 7 customer support services. We at a Wisesolution, accomplish all your requirements and round the clock available for assistance with the cheap windows hosting plans for your web hosting at a very reasonable cost.

We have a skilled and expert support team that helps you in growing your online business and is committed to accomplishing your demands beyond your expectations. We proffer unlimited quality and standard hosting peculiarities that shield your website from unauthorized access. Our free of cost Shared Windows Hosting features such as free domain name, open data migration services is the primary reason to convert our clients into daily customers; that's why Wisesolution becomes the client's premier choice.

Why Wisesolution for your Website?



Excellent and top-notch platform that provides new support for clients to host their website on a unique IP address and Dual Quad-Core Xeon CPUs w/32GB RAM.



Platform independent that supports Code in different programming languages such as ASP.NET, ASP, PHP 5.3 to PHP 7.3, and leverage MS-SQL and MySQL.


Application Marketplace

Smooth and Manageable 300+ applications that easily install just in one click.


Domain Services

Classified Domain Name Server infrastructure with extensive sub-domains and email accounts.


Unlimited Email Services

Easy and Secure Email accessible from any device with the intricate webmail that is powered by MailEnable.


Live Support

Hassle-free quick and Instant assistance available over the phone, live chat, Whatsapp, and mail with hassle-free..

Windows Shared Hosting - Best for Your Business Success

Windows Shared hosting is thought-out as the best web hosting for your interactive website or business if you wish for a dynamic and responsive website. But the confusion arises is - which window platform you should have to opt for your site from either Cheap Windows Shared Hosting or Linux hosting. Make your decision in favour of your website needs and requirements and select the top-notch and reasonable Windows Shared Hosting Plans at Wisesolution.

Microsoft owns windows shared hosting India; that's why it is comparatively higher in price than other hosting servers. But it's down to earth broad range of feature-rich services, and round the clock, support makes it worth buying for your Business Success. The terrific aspect of Windows Shared Hosting empowers the user to host multiple websites on an identical server. Wisesolution hosting service is a reliable and secure web hosting service that hosts your website into a unique platform so that no cyber-attacks can crash your server.

Best Windows Shared Hosting in India apart from the one-stop hosting solution, also best thought-out for the personal, mid-size, and large scale website users. With its flexibility, the Shared windows hosting India platform enables the customers to get the elite characteristics for long-term footholds in the internet market. You can't find the secure, reliable, and reckoned cheap windows shared hosting none other than at Wisesolution with unlimited characteristics and affordable cost that you can't deny to buy.


Wisesolution Windows Shared Hosting

  • Massive Disk Storage
  • Extensive Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 100% Website Uptime Guarantee
  • Down to Earth Support
  • Powered by Windows, Plesk, ASP.NET, MySQL, PHP, and more
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee


  • The first year offer is available to new signups only. The promotional price is valid for the first 12 months on yearly payments, after which the hosting service will renew at the regular rate, clearly indicated in the package specs.

  • Unlimited disk space is offered with our Ultimate package. This disk space is solely intended for your website and not for other storage purposes. This space must be used according to our Unlimited Policy.

  • We do not allow CPU more than 5% and php.ini memory limit set according to server resources. This condition applies to all shared and resellers with Unlimited or limited hosting plans.

  • Looking for something more specific? No problem, we've got you covered. Call: +91-6378789956