Cheap Windows Dedicated Server

Choosing the best windows dedicated server is an ideal choice for growing business. It also helps to fulfill all marketing requirements from world-class security to peak performance. Experience the complete root-level control and a higher level of site uptime with the most advanced dedicated windows server. We offer a broad range of hosting services with down to earth support and state of the art resources at an affordable price.


Note : We strictly prohibit the illegal content on our server. If we detect any misuse of our servers and irrelevant content on your website related to any government, adult content, WordPress null themes, etc. apart from our terms and conditions, we instantly suspend your account without any information. Consent By using the services from our website, you hereby consent to our disclaimer and agree to its terms.

Our VPS Server Features

Our Servers

We take great pride in the hardware we use for our dedicated servers. We only use the latest and thoroughly tested Blade servers manufactured by SuperMicro.To take the greatest care of your data, all our servers come with two hard disks by default with RAID1 enabled. Making sure, even when one hard disk completely breaks down, your data is still intact and your server will remain online.

Our Platform

We are committed to customer satisfaction and want to make sure that every programmer feels right at home. Keeping this in mind, we support PHP 5.2/5.3, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails. Coming now to databases, We support an unlimited number of MySQL databases which will deliver several breakthrough capabilities that will enable your organization to scale database operations with confidence.

Our world class security

Anti Spam & Virus Protection

Password Protect Directories

Secure FTP Access

IP Blocking

phpMyAdmin Access

Hotlink & Leech Protection

Cron Jobs for Scheduled Tasks

Customizable Error Page

Website Statistics with AWstats


Customers can easily manage their shared account from a web browser thanks to our intuitive control panel. With cPanel & WHM, kickstarting your Hosting business has never been simpler! Whether you are managing one, or hundreds, of servers and/or websites, cPanel’s user-friendly interface allows you to customize your web hosting experience to fit your needs.

Q. Which control panels do you support?

We support cPanel/WHM, which, if you ORDER NOW it through us, will get automatically installed on your server, and will be ready in minutes. Not only do you save in licensing costs, but you don’t have the headache of installing cPanel - we take care of it for you!

Q. Do you offer any billing panels?

Yes, we offer WHMCS as a billing panel for your dedicated server. You can ORDER NOW the license from us for a significantly lower cost, and then install it on your dedicated server.

Q. Do you offer support?

Yes we do. We offer two levels of support : Core-Managed and Fully Managed. Every server comes with Core-Managed support, and if you have chosen to ORDER NOW cPanel through us, we offer Fully Managed support.

Q. What level of access do I get with my Dedicated Server?

You get root access, which means you have full administrative control of your server. You may choose to install any software you need on your server, and can manage every aspect of your server.

Q. How long will it take for my server to be ready for use?

Our proprietary provisioning system gets your server ready in minutes, ensuring that you get access to your server instantly.

Q. What kind of hardware do you use?

We use only the best - SuperMicro blade servers, Intel Xeon processors, DDR3 RAM and 7200RPM SATA drives. Our blade servers consume very little power and help us pass our cost savings to you.

Q. What is the speed of the network port/uplink on my server?

We allow speeds of up to 1Gbps on each server’s network port.

Q. What kind of Hard Drives do you provide with each server?

All our servers come with a pair of 1TB 7200 RPM SATA drives in RAID 1. RAID 1 means that each hard drive is a mirror of the other, ensuring that if one drive fails, there is a copy of your data in the other drive.

Q. Can I expand the storage on my server?

Yes you can. You can ORDER NOW additional storage on our Shared Storage Device. This will be instantly attached to your server as a disk, at which point you can format it and mount it. We offer various options, starting from 50GB all the way to 500GB.

Q. How do I access my Dedicated Server?

There are several ways to access your server:

SSH - you can access your server through any SSH client using the root credentials we provide to you

cPanel - if you have chosen to ORDER NOW cPanel from us, you can access and manage your server through the cPanel/WHM control panel

Dedicated Server Control Panel - you can also perform frequent operations, such as Stopping, Starting and Restarting your server through our web-based control panel, which comes bundled with every server

Q. What is the Operating System (OS) that is installed on my server?

Every server comes installed with CentOS 6.5, the latest version of an enterprise-grade Linux OS based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). We are also working on adding more OS flavors, starting with Ubuntu, which is coming soon.

Windows Dedicated Server: Cheap and Efficient for Businesses

Dedicated Server with Windows provides a broad range of reliable and flexible services for hosting. Dedicated Server helps to footholds the business fame in the web hosting market because of delivering the highly secured services to the clients. It is a powerful and one-stop solution for large companies. It helps to handle the significant traffic on the websites.

The worthful services we offer for your business set up help to take your business at the highest peak of success. Take the advantages of valuable services at a cost-effective price from Wisesolution. We are devoted to serving the dedicated resources to individuals that help them to enhance the site performance.

Our top-notch Windows Dedicated Server services are 100% satisfying the clients by fulfilling their business requirements beyond their expectations. Take the customizations and complete server control in your hands and manage the server configurations with our dedicated hosting solutions.

Windows are the standard and top-most familiar operating system across the globe because of its user-friendly environment. Dedicated Server with Windows brings the advanced and enhanced level of benefits for hosting websites. Furthermore, windows support multiple applications, scripting languages, and massive databases.


What's Included with Cheap Windows Dedicated Hosting?

Robust Data Centers

Our Data Centers are established to fulfill all your business requirements from scratch and believe in providing world-class and upgraded services with the highest security measures.

Robust SLA

Our Dedicated server is ultra-secure and bound to offer top-most service level agreement to serve the state of the art quality services at low prices.

Server Set-up and Upgradation

According to Dedicated Windows Server Price, you will get the reliable resources for your business in which you can easily set up and upgrade your services anytime.

Advanced Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

Our top-most priority is to secure your data from unauthorized access and viruses. Therefore, we offer Anti-firewalls and advanced anti-spam with all our dedicated hosting plans.

Carrier Neutral Data Center

We established our data centers in more than 25+ countries to provide you flexible network efficiency. Also, the choice to select your near-by provider for a more outstanding network experience.

24*7 Instant Technical Support

We have an experienced technical team to monitor your server activities. We instantly fix the technical errors to provide complete peace of mind to our valuable customers and clients.

Irresistible Features You Get with Cheap Windows Dedicated Server



Being the sole user of your online business, get complete root access control with the Cheap Windows Dedicated Server, and manage everything by your hands.


High Customization

With our Windows Dedicated Hosting, you will get the high customization that allows you to configure your software and hardware according to your website requirements.


High Bandwidth

With a Dedicated Server, you will get the high bandwidth to handle heavily loaded multimedia on your website. It also helps to explore your business services on a large network.


Hassle-Free Replacement of Hardware

Easy to replace hardware within a short span with our windows dedicated server hosting. Enjoy the incredible features of dedicated services for the excellent end-user experience.


Easy to Upgrade

Don't worry about interruptions in your business; raise a ticket, or mail us quickly to finish the up-gradation process easily and quickly. It also helps to optimize the CPU, RAM, and processor for the highest performance.


Top-notch Reliability

With a Dedicated Server, you will get the dedicated resources for hosting your website, so experience the high reliability without sharing resources with other sites.


Advanced Security

Secure your website data with our windows dedicated server India, and feel hassle-free from any outside attacks. It is impossible to break our security with secure walls of firewalls, anti-virus, DDoS protection. We leave no stone unturned to shield your data from unauthorized access.


Round the Clock Support

Support is the backbone for large organizations and business persons. Our Dedicated Server comes with managed services. We have a great, skillful and experienced team to guide or assist you 24*7.

Take a look at our array of dedicated windows server support services.

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Our Dedicated Server with Windows comes with the fully managed services such as automatic updates, managed security services, system upgrades, and well-organized services.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

With Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, the client has to do specific monitoring, management, updates, and security patches by yourself and the rest of the activities performed by the hosting provider.

Self-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

ZIt includes your average level of cooperation in self-managing the services for running a website on a dedicated server. Also, you have to monitor or troubleshoot your website if any technical error occurs.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

The client itself is responsible for all the server activities and has to manage and handle everything itself from data monitoring to upgrade resources in Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting.


Why Choose Windows Dedicated Server from Wisesolution

Wisesolution is a one-stop and offshoring data center that provides multiple numbers of hosting solutions for website hosting. We have an experienced and expert team for fulfilling your dream of a large company on a broad or global network. With our Cheapest Windows Dedicated Server, host your websites on different regions or various domains. Our well-organized IT infrastructure is best in state and provides distinct world-class technologies for your excellent business progression.

Windows Dedicated Server FAQs

  • What is a Windows dedicated server?

A Dedicated Server Hosting where you host your online business on a Windows operating system is known as the Windows Dedicated Server. The organization should host their online business on Dedicated Server because it provides the dedicated resources that you won't share with other websites. A Windows Dedicated Server supports multiple applications and different software that is an excellent advantage for dedicated hosting users.

  • What can a Windows dedicated server be used for?

There are unlimited benefits of using Windows Dedicated Server for your business hosting. It can be used for various purposes. Such as.

  • For email server
  • For a webserver
  • a backup server
  • a VPN server
  • a monitoring server
  • a video streaming server
  • an application server
  • a database
  • What is the difference between managed and unmanaged Windows dedicated servers?

There is no doubt that the Dedicated Server has some similarities. Both Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Server is similar in functionalities. But both have some differences too.

In Managed Dedicated Server, you get the server management and higher level of support from the hosting provider. Also, the state of the art services with the latest resources update and secure security software like anti-virus and anti-spam at an affordable price.

In Unmanaged Dedicated Server, being the sole user of your own website, you get the entire administration, and complete root access control is in your hands. You get the full authority to manage the software and applications and perform other activities on the server by yourself.

  • Which Windows OS version do you provide?

We believe in working with modern technology. Therefore, we provide the upgraded Windows Versions of 2012, Windows 2016, and Windows 2019. Host your website on the latest windows version of the cheapest windows dedicated server.

  • Will I get the root access for my dedicated server?

Yes, you get the complete root access authority with the latest windows version of our dedicated windows server. You can remotely handle your server with ease by establishing a remote connection with the server. It allows multitasking without any interruptions such as creating directories, modifying a file name, copying or moving any file, and many more.

  • What kind of support do you provide for Windows Dedicated Server?

Our best windows dedicated server hosting comes with a broad range of powerful features and most robust security measures. You will get the number of advantages from the windows dedicated server and a higher level of advanced security and round the clock support for your web hosting. Have a look at what support you get from the Dedicated Server.

  • 24*7 customer support
  • World-Class Services
  • Managed Services
  • Great Bandwidth
  • Standard Security
  • High Optimized Services
  • Dedicated Resources
  • How many websites can I host using Windows dedicated hosting?

You can host unlimited websites until your allotted storage gets full, and you run out of the bandwidth. Although, after this, you also have the choice to upgrade your resources at any time. But we suggest not to cluster things as it creates lots of network issues and slows down your website that results in poor site performance.

  • What will happen if my server hardware fails?

Our Technical team is round the clock, ready to troubleshoot your technical problems. All our Windows Dedicated Server in top-notch condition to handle your website. But still, something happens when we repair or change the hardware within a short span without disturbing or affecting your sites.

  • Do you provide a Cheap Windows Dedicated Server?

Yes, our windows dedicated server hosting prices are low and affordable from other providers in the web hosting Market. We offer world-class and quality services at a cheap cost because we believe in providing you the best services for what you pay us.

  • Can I switch over to Linux from Windows Dedicated hosting?

Yes, it is possible but quite puzzled and complexed to migrate your website from Windows Dedicated Server Hosting to Linux platform. But we made it easy for you. Just connect with our experts for the best assistance and guidance. They will provide every possible aspect of your business.

  • Will Windows dedicated hosting help me with SEO?

Our Windows Dedicated Server helps you to optimize your website that helps you in SEO for better search results on SERP. Below are the methods of how dedicated servers help in boosting your SEO.

Upgraded Performance – As much as your web page speed is higher, you will get a better ranking and optimized results quickly.

Local IP – By choosing the nearest data center, it results in better Local Searches. Nearby data centers increase the number of chances to get higher traffic from local IPs on your website.

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