TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 Rs.650.00 Rs.899.00 Rs.899.00
.in 1 Rs.550.00 Rs.799.00 Rs.799.00
.net 1 Rs.799.00 Rs.799.00 Rs.799.00
.org 1 Rs.999.00 Rs.999.00 Rs.999.00
.biz 1 Rs.1020.00 Rs.1299.00 Rs.1299.00 1 Rs.699.00 Rs.749.00 Rs.749.00 1 Rs.399.00 Rs.599.00 Rs.599.00
.asia 1 Rs.949.00 Rs.949.00 Rs.949.00 1 Rs.350.00 Rs.729.00 Rs.729.00 1 Rs.370.00 Rs.799.00 Rs.799.00
.info 1 Rs.1200.00 Rs.1399.00 Rs.1399.00
.us 1 Rs.600.00 Rs.799.00 Rs.799.00 1 Rs.599.00 Rs.749.00 Rs.749.00 1 Rs.370.00 Rs.799.00 Rs.799.00
.co 1 Rs.980.00 Rs.1299.00 Rs.1299.00
.me 1 Rs.999.00 Rs.1199.00 Rs.1199.00
.tv 1 Rs.2030.00 Rs.2230.00 Rs.2230.00
.mobi 1 Rs.1350.00 Rs.1550.00 Rs.1550.00
.tel 1 Rs.839.00 Rs.990.00 Rs.990.00
.ca 1 Rs.649.00 Rs.849.00 Rs.849.00
.eu 1 Rs.668.00 Rs.799.00 Rs.799.00
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