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Budget Dedicated Server

A budget server that is highly reliable, robust, and has high-quality monitoring services.

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Choose Your Low Budget Dedicated Server Plan

With the Wise Solution, you can find a diverse array of dedicated server hosting plans with hyper-scale and powerful hosting facilities at the cheapest price possible.


Operating System


Plus Plan

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Monthly Price

E3-1220 Processor

4 x 3.20 Ghz CPU


500 GB HDD Storage

10 TB Bandwidth

USA Location

Basic Plan

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Monthly Price

L5520 Processor

8 x 2.26 Ghz CPU


1 TB HDD Storage

10 TB Bandwidth

USA Location

Premium Plan

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Monthly Price

E3-1220 V5 Processor

4 x 3.00 GHz CPU


4 TB HDD Storage

50 TB Bandwidth

USA Location

Enterprise Plan

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Monthly Price

E5-2630L Processor

12 x 2.0 GHz CPU


1 TB HDD Storage

100 TB Bandwidth

USA Location

Multiple Choice of Operating System

Wisesolution renders an ample range of operating systems best known for seamless performance. Pick your choice of an operating system, and let us install it for you.








Windows 2012


Windows 2016


Windows 2019

Features of Our Affordable Dedicated Server

Hardware RAID

Our bare-metal dedicated server comes with the firm capability for providing support to Hardware Redundant Array of Independent Disks. You can have the support for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10. Any or all of these can be purchased at a feasible additional cost.

Robust Network

Our company's data centers deliver a stable and consistent network with the cheap dedicated server hosting service. You will acquire the highest network connectivity, which is fused among the multiple Internet Exchanges, incorporating Extreme-IX - Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, NIXI, via industry-leading service providers.

Private VLAN Subnets

Our budget dedicated server hosting offers the complete backing to make you build private server clusters easily and swiftly while employing the 10 GBPS virtual LAN subnets.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

With budget dedicated hosting, you will be able to obtain one IPv4 and IPv6 address for your web business by default. Moreover, you can also have additional Internet Protocol addresses at a nominal extra price.

What is Budget Dedicated Server Hosting?

The dedicated server hosting is designed to let individual users, organizations, and companies host their web business on an entire physical server. While hosting your online business on a budget dedicated server, you can have all its web resources without having to share them with other users in your own budget. Further, the Wise Solution offers a fully managed dedicated server that makes you put your maximum focus on your website's or business' growth. We take complete responsibility to control, operate, and manage the server's optimized performance and efficient functioning. Thus, you do not need to deal with any server's technicalities or operations.

We also provide dedicated hosting with the two most prevalent, reliable, and effective operating systems.


Budget Linux Dedicated server

With the Budget Linux dedicated server hosting, your server will run on the Linux operating system. Linux is an open-source platform and is free to use for hosting services. Moreover, we will provide you the options of cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) at a minimal fee so that you can access and administer your server effortlessly.


Budget Windows Dedicated server

With the Budget Windows dedicated server hosting, your server will run on the Windows operating system. Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation. We will provide you the license required for its usage. In addition, we charge a minimal fee for our easy-to-use Plesk control panel so that you can access and administer your server with ease.

Wise Solution - The Best Budget Dedicated Server Host

Wise Solution is among the fastest-growing and highly renowned web hosting companies all over the globe. Our company provides the most reliable, advanced, and hyper-scale hosting services. We aim to boost the hosting standard bars while providing secure networking and a seamless end-user experience. Moreover, with the best cheap dedicated server, we enable our clients to intensify their web business performance and have a high return on low investment.


What makes Wisesolution’s Cheap Dedicated Server best?

Get a best dedicated hosting server with unmatched data security, flexibility, and expertise solutions to accelerate your web business advancement.

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99.90% Uptime Guarantee

With every dedicated server hosting plan, we provide the assurance of a 99.90% uptime network with the huge support of powerful hardware specifications and the latest core processors. The highest level of uptime network and nearly zero downtime experience will be guaranteed by providing you the service level agreement.

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SSH Root Access

We provide you the root control of our entire dedicated server in order to let you set up the server's configuration and customization as per your necessities. With SSH root access, one can install and modify applications, software, and programs accordingly to make the server function as required.

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Data Center Choice

Wise Solution has set up its data centers at various locations, which deliver high-tech network flexibility and consistent connectivity. You will have the opportunity to opt for any preferred and nearest location of the data center for acquiring the highest website loading speed and seamless web business performance.

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24/7 Instant technical support

We are always at the forefront in providing round-the-clock technical support with budget dedicated hosting. You will obtain support via highly skilled and experienced professionals who provide prompt responses and proficient solutions in the least time possible to all your queries and server issues.

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7 Days Money-Back Guarantee

We enable our customers to invest in our leading hosting plans without any hesitation. You will be given complete assurance of attaining the most satisfying dedicated hosting services and excellent real-time customer support. However, due to the possibility that you might wish to change your purchased hosting plan, we guarantee to refund your invested money within seven working days as a credit in your Wisesolution account.

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Zero downtime FREE Migration

We make it possible for you to obtain free migration for your online business with a cheap dedicated server plan. While we execute the migration process for you, the ongoing activities and operations of your business website or websites will not be put on a halt and will not encounter any downtime. Wise Solution ensures smooth migration with zero downtime.

Our All Best Budget Dedicated Server Hosting Plans Include


Extendable SSDs

With the Wise Solution's best dedicated server hosting, you will get the chance to quickly increase your disk space anytime at brief notice. Further, we provide solid-state drives (SSDs) instead of hard disk drives (HDDs) for data storage. SSDs are the most potent and compelling when it comes to storing a large amount of high-quality data and boosting your website performance at the same time.


Data Encryption

Your website or web business data will get end-to-end encryption through firewall protection that comes with each dedicated server hosting plan. Further, we also make you implement high technology-based security measures such as antiviruses, malware scans & removals, inbuilt security software, etc., for ensuring complete data security.


DDoS Protection

Our affordable dedicated servers involve secure networking and DDoS (Denial of Service attacks) protection. Our dedicated server hosting executes algorithms and advanced software to examine the incoming traffic from the web towards your online business. Any unauthentic traffic will be denied access, whereas the legitimate traffic will continue to undergo filtration through your business website.


Programing Language

With the best dedicated server hosting, your web business will also obtain high support for all programming languages from CGI, Fast CGI, Perl, Python, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, all PHP frameworks, to all types of CMS such as Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, and many others.



Our cheap dedicated server also permits you to scale up the resources or the hosting services as per the necessities at your different business' stages. You will be able to speedily and smoothly upgrade or downgrade the hosting services and resources as and when required. You just need to inform or ping our team for the same and the rest will be done in no time.


No Setup Cost

Wise Solution team helps in the instant deployment of the low budget dedicated server without making you wait for a longer time. Moreover, we enable you to obtain the server settings depending on your business demands and do not take any additional cost for helping you with the server setup.



With the Wise Solution hosting solution, you can enjoy the high customization power over your best dedicated server bjudget hosting. You will get the flexibility to customize your server settings, applications, software, etc., as per your requirements. Further, you can run any operating system that you find most compatible with your online business.


Free SSL Certificate

The budget dedicated hosting enables your website to obtain a dedicated IP address that further makes you easily attain the SSL certificate for your web business. Moreover, we not only offer multiple dedicated IP addresses to your clients but also free SSL certification for their online businesses with dedicated servers.


Robust Bandwidth

Bandwidth is referred to as the measure of data that can be transferred over the web. With the Wise Solution affordable dedicated server, you will get premium and unlimited bandwidth. This will allow you to have better stability in your business growth while acquiring the fastest network connectivity and highest data transfer rate.


Will Budget Dedicated Hosting Help me with SEO?

Our Cheap Dedicated Server provides you the robust hardware and enterprise-grade services to boost and optimize your site that helps to improve search results on the Search Engine Ranking Page. Below is the easiest way to quickly boost your SEO rankings.
Upgraded Performance – As much as your site is optimized and loaded with higher performance and speed, you will get a better ranking and improved SEO results.
Local IP– Opting for the nearest data center location helps you in a rapid local ranking of your site. It increases the chances of engaging more potential customers and raising traffic from local IPs on your site.

How can the Budget Windows Dedicated Server be used?

Budget Windows Dedicated Server has many benefits and is used for a number of purposes along with the Common one of website hosting. Such as
● For email server
● As a Monitoring server
● For Video streaming
● For a Web Server
● a Backup server
● a VPN server
● As an application server
● Database Server

How do I access my Budget Dedicated Server?

Two ways are mainly used to access the Dedicated Server:
SSH- Using the credentials for Root Level Accessibility features, you can access the functions of a dedicated server.
Control Panel- If you buy the Plesk/WHM/cPanel Control Panel with our Dedicated Hosting from us, then you can easily access and configure your server through different functions of cPanels.

What Will Happen if My Server Hardware Fails?

Our Technical support team stays active 24*7, ready to troubleshoot your site's technical errors and problems. Our Cheap Windows Dedicated Servers are in fine tune condition to manage your site. But still, if something happens, then our team resolves it or changes the hardware within a very short time without affecting your site performance, speed, and uptime.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Low Budget Dedicated Server?

There are so many benefits of owning a low budget Dedicated Server, such as
● You can use the Dedicated Resources.
● You can experience more flexibility in managing your hosting.
● You can freely focus on sales rather than Management
● You get excellent data Security measures
● You get complete Root Level Access

In How Much Time will my Dedicated server be ready after the order is placed?

Generally, it takes 24 working hours to deliver your dedicated server after your order placement. But we will try our best to provide you with the ready-to-use Server Setup within the least possible time.

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